With The Energy Of Her Cuteness, Rescue Possum Kua Exhibits Us She’s No Pest

With The Energy Of Her Cuteness, Rescue Possum Kua Exhibits Us She’s No Pest

Whether or not you spell it possum or opossum, as soon as these nocturnal marsupials are born, they keep of their mom’s pouch till they’re six to eight weeks previous. After that, the infants climb to their mother’s again and hold on the market for just a few months earlier than stepping all the way down to discover the world. However one little joey didn’t have the protection of her mom’s pouch to convey her up. On their lonesome within the mountains of Mexico at solely per week previous, child Kua wanted assist.

And fortunate for her, assist was mountain climbing down the mountain, with no thought what they had been about to find.


Discovering the Child

Proud possum mother and father Valeria and Santiago by no means anticipated to rescue a possum, however after they noticed Kua on that mountain with no mother in sight and a deceased sibling beside her, the couple needed to do one thing.

“She was so tiny she might slot in our fingers,” Valeria shared in a video tale about Kua.


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The couple bundled the little possum up and took her dwelling. And although they spent their first few hours with Kua shocked, Santiago and Valeria knew heat was important to the joey’s survival. In constructing a nest, Valeria shared, “I even included a teddy bear, and he or she thought that it was the mother, so she would go to sleep beneath the teddy bear.”

After a dialog with a wildlife knowledgeable of their space, the couple discovered there was no rehabilitation heart for a possum close by as a result of they’re usually considered pests. However Kua was no pest and had already stolen her new mother and father’ hearts.


Feedings with a specifically blended components got here each few hours, and as Valeria shared, “We didn’t sleep for a month and a half to guarantee that she would survive.”

“We had been exhausted,” stated Valeria. “We couldn’t even discuss. However after that it purchased us collectively.”

Watching Kua develop stronger on daily basis was a pleasure for Valeria and Santiago. And as she grew, her “playful, rebellious” spirit bloomed.


All Grown Up

Now, Kua is all grown up and one spoiled possum!

She loves heat baths, her cozy hanging cave, and consuming bugs whereas she performs within the backyard. The kisses and cuddles she will get from her mother and father are fairly fantastic too! And being a lady of gratitude, Kua enjoys giving them a lot of kisses in return. Which brings a query to this author’s thoughts; do possum kisses really feel tough like feline sandpaper kisses or mushy like a pet tongue?


What To Do If You Discover A Child Possum

However there are some issues Kua and Valeria need individuals to learn about possums. First, possums aren’t actually meant to be pets and ought to be left within the wild.

“Opossums are wildlife. They’re NOT pets,” stated Valeria. “Please don’t go in search of opossums within the wild or taking them away from their moms.”

However in a case like Kua’s, issues are totally different.


“Our case was totally different and really distinctive,” defined Valeria. “We discovered Kua alone, as per week previous child, stranded, dehydrated and struggling to outlive, subsequent to her useless sibling. No mom round.”

She wanted assist, and as there was no wildlife heart that might take care of Kua, Valeria and Santiago stepped up and delivered the specialized and excellent care that helped Kua survive.


So, what must you do should you discover a possum in want of assist? Valeria has recommendation.

“DON’T kill it or hurt it, please. Opossums are NOT plagues. They’re truly very essential to nature. Name a wildlife heart instantly, and take it there.”

If there isn’t a wildlife rehab in your space, “contact a wildlife knowledgeable.” And with regards to assembly cats within the wild or on the streets, study The Distinction Between Feral & Stray Cats – And What You Can Do.

Function Picture: The Dodo/YouTube