Ragdoll Cat Care, Traits And Breed Information

Ragdoll Cat Care, Traits And Breed Information

Each Ragdoll cat I’ve met has had an affectionate, docile and sweet-natured temperament. The identify Ragdoll cat is derived from their tendency to flop over in a relaxed method when picked up. They’re masters of leisure and like to spend time curled up in your mattress if not in your arms. Nonetheless, their sociable character and intelligence additionally make them even to coach, typically coming when they’re known as. This breed are often good with youngsters and even get together with most different pets. Their medium size coat sheds lower than another breeds, and they’re comparatively wholesome for a pedigree cat.


Docile And Loving Temperament

Regardless of a usually loving temperament, Ragdoll cats are additionally able to being impartial. As a breed they aren’t overly demanding. Their calm and easy-going natures make them glorious pets.

These cats do have a playful aspect, particularly as kittens. However even their play is light, as they don’t have a tendency to increase their claws. They’re clever cats, who’ve been clicker educated to carry out tips utilizing constructive reinforcement coaching. Some will even fortunately have a sport of fetch with you.

Are They Household Pleasant?

The Ragdoll cat is sociable and has a relaxed and easy-going temperament. They’re typically even pleasant with different cats. Consequently, they’re wanted pets on account of their infamous love of kids and different animals.

Though anecdotally, they’re exceptionally tolerant of kids’s play, even to the purpose of permitting themselves to be dressed up or pushed round in buggies, keep in mind that each cat has its limits. Younger kids’s interactions with even the nicest cat needs to be monitored, for each of their sakes.

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Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outdoors?

Some individuals imagine that cats ought to have the ability to make use of their pure instincts to prowl and hunt exterior. Entry to the outside offers cats higher alternatives for bodily train and may help stop boredom. The argument in opposition to permitting Ragdoll cats exterior stems from the remark that these social and loving cats are typically too trusting. Their light and affectionate temperament doesn’t arm them with the required feline out of doors expertise.

They don’t seem to be territorial and don’t often defend themselves in opposition to different cats. This places them at much more danger of publicity to illness and parasites. Their excessive resale worth and their lovely coat additionally make them prime targets for theft if left to wander out on their very own.

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Measurement And Weight

Ragdoll cats are one of many largest home breeds of cat. Their dimension is a notable characteristic of those lovely animals. They’re massive, powerfully constructed, and heavy, cats, with the most important Ragdoll cat, maybe weighing as much as 25 kilos.

The typical Ragdoll cat weighs anyplace from 10 to twenty kilos by the point they absolutely mature at round 4 years outdated. The females are often on the lighter finish of the spectrum starting from 10 to fifteen kilos, and the males are typically on the heavier finish weighing from 15 to twenty kilos.

Colours And Coats

Ragdoll kittens are all born white, with the primary indicators of their patterns rising round ten days outdated. Don’t go choosing a kitten on the idea of their coloration, since you gained’t see their true grownup shades till they’re at the very least two years outdated!

When absolutely grown, Ragdoll cat coats are available in quite a lot of distinctive colours and patterns. These cats initially got here in 4 colours: seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac. Immediately their coloring has expanded to additionally embrace crimson and cream. As well as in addition they come in numerous pointed patterns together with colorpoint, mitted, bicolor and van.

Their fur is silky and comfortable, made up of guard hairs which are typically described as feeling like rabbit fur. The dearth of an undercoat offers them a really fluffy look. In addition they have a particular ruff of fluff round their neck.

Ragdoll Cat Care

The attractive Ragdoll coat requires a average stage of maintenance. These fluffy kitties needs to be brushed from as soon as to twice per week with a metal comb to take away tangles and any unfastened hair.

They’re average shedders, principally with a change of the seasons. Nonetheless, on account of their lack of an undercoat, they may unfold much less fur round your property than many different cat breeds.

You’ll be able to assist to care in your Ragdoll cat by being attentive to the cleanliness of their litter field. Eradicating the waste instantly after they’ve produced it’s going to cut back the possibilities of it catching of their coat.

Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic?

Allergy free cats are sadly a factor of fantasy, with all breeds producing the allergens that some people react to of their saliva and on their coats.

Potential Well being Issues

Ragdoll cats are typically fairly wholesome and have the potential for a protracted lifespan, however like most pedigree breeds they do have a genetic predisposition to some points. Coronary heart, kidney and urinary tract illnesses are usually not unusual. Cryptococcosis and Feline Infectious Peritonitis additionally must be watched out for.

Nonetheless, Ragdoll cats usually have life expectancy and may dwell anyplace from 15 to twenty years. The chances of a protracted life are elevated should you purchase a kitten from well being examined dad and mom.

Ragdoll Cat Breeders

A good breeder needs to be comfortable to reply all your questions and supply certificates for any genetic testing that has been achieved.

You’re looking at spending anyplace from $600 to $1,800 in your kitten, relying on the state you might be dwelling in. It is usually price taking into consideration that if you’re seeking to purchase a kitten with the breeding rights, you could have to pay twice this a lot cash.

An grownup Ragdoll out there on the market will both be being bought by a displaying fanatic who’s retiring it or on account of a household’s change in circumstances.

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