Mouse Care – Caring for Pet Mice

Mouse Care – Caring for Pet Mice

Mice are inquisitive and pleasant pocket sized pets. With correct care, they may maintain your loved ones entertained for hours on finish.

Mice have been bred as pets for greater than fifteen hundred years. There are mouse reveals and pet mouse societies, simply as there are reveals and societies for canine, horse, and cat breeds.

These pleasant and delicate little animals are nice companions. Typically talking, it’s best to begin with two or three feminine mice. The females just like the companionship of their very own variety, in addition to their human keeper. Males ought to be saved by themselves or they may in all probability battle (usually to the dying), and they’re usually a poor selection as a primary mouse.

Shopping for your mice immediately from a pet-mouse breeder is your greatest wager. Many pet shops purchase their pet mice from rodent mills, and a few of these mice have hereditary well being issues. Additionally, pet-store residing might end in its personal well being issues, to not point out a timid, stressed-out mouse. Pet mice shouldn’t be timid, in contrast to wild mice. Additionally, their eyes ought to be vivid and their fur ought to look clear. Bald patches on the coat are a warning signal, until the critter belongs to a hairless breed, after all.


To maintain wholesome pet mice, you’ll want an enclosure, a safe mouse-carrier, meals dishes, water dish or drip-bottle, toys, bedding, an train wheel, and a hidey-hole for resting in.

In the event you stay in a heat space, and most of Australia counts as heat, the enclosure must be well-ventilated. A mouse-cage with a robust plastic base and wire partitions is right. The plastic base ought to come up the perimeters for a minimum of 4 or 5 centimetres, to maintain the bedding inside, and the wires ought to be no additional aside than one centimetre, to maintain the mice inside. Purchase as giant a mouse cage as you’ll be able to, ensuring it’s a minimum of 30cm tall, 30 cm huge, and 45cm lengthy. Greater is healthier.

In cooler climates, some folks favor to make use of a fish tank with a mesh cowl. There are a number of issues with this, particularly right here in New South Wales:

  • The dearth of air flow could make the mouse sick, as a result of ammonia builds up.
  • The dearth of air flow additionally makes the enclosure hotter. That’s not an excellent factor in the summertime!
  • It’s tougher to maintain the underside of the tank clear.
  • The one strategy for eradicating the mouse is from above, which is frightening for the rodent. Predators come from above.

For the hidey-hole, you should buy engaging little dome homes or picket huts on your mice, otherwise you can provide the little mice a small corrugated-cardboard field with out ink on it. They want a darkish, dry place to cover and sleep.

Shredded paper (with out inks) is right bedding for a mouse cage. Fill the underside of the cage with shredded paper just a few centimetres thick. Present just a few items of paper towel or facial tissue, for the mice to make their little nests with, and they are going to be comfortable.


Virtually all mice like train wheels. You’d assume {that a} small one can be good for mice, as a result of mice are so tiny, however an even bigger wheel is healthier. The animal wants to have the ability to run with out bending her again. Select a strong plastic wheel. They’re much safer than the wire ones. Mice ought to by no means be given a wire train wheel, as a result of they catch their ft and tails between the wires.

Your mice would additionally get pleasure from some toys of their residence. These don’t should be costly. The cardboard rolls from paper towels and loo tissue will maintain mice amused for hours. A chunk of fruit wooden from the parrot part of the pet retailer is nice for chewing, as are plain craft sticks from a craft retailer. The mice will get pleasure from a size of hemp rope strung throughout the cage, or hanging from the highest of the cage, as a result of they like to climb.


Be certain that your mouse has clear water obtainable all day, day by day. Mice are tiny, and so they dehydrate rapidly. A drip-bottle or two on the aspect of the cage will work effectively. Ceramic bowls (resembling those bought for lizards) are additionally good, though they are often more durable to maintain clear.

It’s simpler and safer to purchase good high quality hamster meals for a mouse than it’s to determine which of the business mouse meals have the suitable diet. Mice eat greater than you’d count on for critters their dimension, so be sure that recent pellets are at all times obtainable for them. A chunk of canine biscuit is a pleasant deal with a pair instances every week, and it doubles as a chew toy to put on down their tooth. Tiny items of apple or carrot, just a few items of unsweetened breakfast cereal, and a few items of dry catfood are all tasty and nutritious gadgets to spherical out the weight-reduction plan. Most mice dislike cheese, by the best way, and it isn’t notably good for them. In the event you uncover that yours have a style for cheddar or brie, a tiny piece a few times every week is okay for a deal with.



Given half an opportunity, your mice will maintain themselves very clear, though wholesome males could have a certain quantity of scent to them. You may “spot-clean” with heat water and really delicate cleaning soap, if one thing will get on their coats, however routine bathing shouldn’t be wanted.

The enclosure, however, wants frequent cleansing. The bedding ought to be changed and the cage cleaned with diluted vinegar each week. Be certain that to rinse the vinegar off fully. Some spot-cleaning will in all probability be wanted each three or 4 days. It’s a good suggestion to retain a little bit of the bedding or go away a toy uncleaned every time, so the mice could have the consolation of a well-known scent when they’re returned to their cage. The mice might be eliminated to their service, throughout cleansing. There are small plastic fish-tank-like carriers which are helpful as short-term holding and carrying gadgets.


Mice are nice pets for houses with youngsters, however youngsters shouldn’t be allowed to deal with the animals with out an grownup supervising them. It’s additionally vital to scrub your fingers earlier than and after dealing with mice. They will catch “colds” from you.

If there are different pets within the residence, maintain your mice safely away from any animals which may see them as “lunch.” This contains cats, ferrets, canine, snakes, and rats.

Maintain the mice out of direct daylight and drafts, too. It’s very simple for a mouse to over-heat sufficient to kill her. In the summertime, chances are you’ll must put an ice-pack in a single aspect of the cage, to let the mice cool themselves. In the event you use a gel ice-pack, ensure it’s non-toxic. Mice like to chew!


An important a part of coaching for a pet mouse is getting the pet accustomed to sitting in your hand. Give your new mice a number of days or every week to settle in to their new residence earlier than beginning to attempt to contact them. If it is advisable to decide them up earlier than that, use a paper cup.

As soon as they’ve settled in, decrease your hand into the cage, and watch for the mice to return to you. Allow them to sniff and examine. Repeat this a number of instances. Ultimately, one will in all probability climb onto your hand. Let her sit there and get lost on her personal time. After she’s carried out this a pair instances, increase your hand a bit bit. If she panics, put it down once more. As soon as she is comfy strolling in your hand, you’ll be able to let her climb your arms, shoulders, and so forth.

Keep in mind that she will crawl by any gap she will get her head by, so watch out about gaps underneath doorways and bookcases.


Mice are great little pocket-sized pets, however some persons are terrified of them. Is anybody in your loved ones afraid of mice? In the event you stay in an residence flat, are mice permitted? Typically they aren’t. When you’ve got selected including some pet mice to your family, what’s the subsequent step? Arrange their cage, learn some mouse-fancier boards on-line, and discover a veterinarian who treats small unique pets close to you. Contemplate adopting your mice from a shelter in case your native shelter handles mice.