Learn how to Give Your Cat Medicine: Dr. Karyn’s Ideas (with Video)

Learn how to Give Your Cat Medicine: Dr. Karyn’s Ideas (with Video)
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The data is present and up-to-date in accordance with the most recent veterinarian analysis.

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Hello, I’m Dr. Karyn! Learn my introduction to study extra about me and meet my 5 hilarious cats: Clutch, Cyril, Alex, Zelda, and Zazzles.

Whether or not it’s a worming pill, flea remedy, or a course of antibiotics, making an attempt to medicate your cat will not be all the time simple, and after I got down to create this information, I assumed I’d have the best mannequin in my easygoing feline, Clutch. Boy, was I incorrect! On the plus aspect, nonetheless, he did present us with some nice examples of how to deal with an uncooperative affected person!

Some issues I’ve discovered about medicating cats, each my very own, and my sufferers:

  • Trim claws first – a minimum of in the event that they do object, they’re doing it with quick talons!
  • Make them really feel comfy and safe – select a location they really feel comfortable in and place a towel or non-slip mat beneath them.
  • Cats aren’t silly – if the treatment tastes terrible, they received’t eat it of their meals.
  • 4 palms are higher than 2 – if attainable, get somebody that can assist you.
  • Assured dealing with is crucial – take a look at my earlier submit on How To Safely Restrain Your Cat for extra ideas and tips.

Eye Drops

Zazzles being very cooperative for her eye drops
Zazzles being very cooperative for her eye drops

The trick with giving eye drops is to return from behind the top fairly than entrance on – that is a lot much less confrontational on your cat. Use the heel of the hand holding the drops to drag the decrease eyelid down while utilizing the opposite hand to regular the again of the top.

Clutch actually let the workforce down on this one! He, like many cats, was not tolerant of eye drops in any respect. However, it gave me the prospect to make use of the approach I developed for my Chihuahua, Ned. I exploit a tiny little bit of cotton wool and moist it with the attention drops, sufficient to make sure that the drops will drip into the attention as I wipe the cotton wool over the eyelids. Clutch could not have liked this both, however it lets you get the drops proper into the attention fairly than making an attempt to ‘level and shoot’. Simply bear in mind that you’ll undergo your eye drops extra shortly with this method.


Alex's ginger fur is 'spot-on'!
Alex’s ginger fur is ‘spot-on’!

Lots of people get preoccupied with parting the fur and ensuring they will see the pores and skin earlier than making use of flea merchandise. Sure, it’s important that the product be utilized to the pores and skin, however so long as you get the nozzle by means of the fur to the pores and skin, you will be fairly positive it’s reaching the best place. You’ll all the time get a few of the liquid on the fur, so bear in mind that these items can go away everlasting oily marks on garments, partitions, and furnishings!

Liquids and Pastes

Although I’m loath to make use of towel wrapping on cats, Clutch as soon as once more proved to be probably the most tough affected person! Though he retains his claws sheathed, he is superb at pushing me away and wriggling free, so he grew to become our towel-demo boy.

When giving liquids and pastes to your cat, you want to tip the top again so far as you possibly can, as this takes a variety of the energy away from the decrease jaw. That you must direct the syringe in direction of the again of the tongue, however don’t shoot the liquid out too shortly.



All of us hate giving our cats tablets. Even those that declare to be palatable, hardly ever are. Listed here are my sizzling ideas for giving tablets:

  • In the event that they style terrible, meals might be not going to cover them, and crushing them into meals will solely make them reject a bigger quantity of meals.
  • Hiding treatment in meals solely works if the tablets are flavorless or not bitter.
  • Gelatine capsules (vegan alternatives are available) are a good way to show a number of tablets right into a single treatment, and are available in a variety of various sizes.
  • Pill givers and tablet putty are lifesavers!
Pill givers are a lifesaver!
Tablet givers are a lifesaver!

If you want to get a pill down your cat’s throat, you want to get it over the again of the tongue. I can assure that something in need of that can end in a failure, even in case you don’t notice it on the time. Holding their mouth closed or rubbing their throat will simply imply that the pill that will get spat out later is extra sticky.

Right here’s The Actual Tip

If you happen to actually wrestle with medicating your cat, converse to your veterinary follow. You’ll be amazed at how useful they are often, from exhibiting you other ways to get these drugs in, on the lookout for different formulations, and even giving your cat the treatment for you.

Don’t be shy – we’re right here to assist!

To see the following pointers in motion – together with Clutch making me look silly – take a look at the video.

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