Hair Loss in Cats | VetBabble

Hair Loss in Cats | VetBabble

Cats are meticulous groomers, and with routine coat care plus a high-quality weight-reduction plan, most cats have wholesome and glossy coats. However some cats can develop hair loss attributable to quite a few causes, a few of which could be troublesome to determine. 

On this article we have a look at how hair loss can seem in cats, a few of the causes and easy methods to deal with it when it occurs! Preserve studying in case your cat is affected by an excessive amount of hair loss. 

What does hair loss seem like in cats?

Cats are virtually utterly coated in fur from head to toe. There are two spots above their heads and in entrance of their ears which are naturally thinly-haired in look. It’s because scent glands from this a part of the face are used to ship messages through pheromones. Cats wish to rub their faces on inanimate objects, inflicting fur to skinny on this space. 

cat fur

Hair loss can happen virtually wherever else on the physique. 

Mostly, hair falls out in small patches and may trigger an general moth-eaten look. It may well happen over the decrease again like in circumstances of flea allergy dermatitis or can happen over the stomach when coping with contact allergic reactions. 

Cats with nervousness or behavioral problems might over-groom themselves and trigger damaged or barbered hairs. Secondary infections from different causes may end up in further pores and skin lesions apart from hair loss (e.g., crusts, redness, flakes, papules, pustules, or bleeding). 

What are some causes of hair loss in cats?

There are various totally different causes for hair loss in cats. Sure cat breeds just like the Sphynx cat are born hairless over the entire of their our bodies, they usually stay hairless all their lives. Since they’re at a better threat of sunburns and for pores and skin problems like allergic reactions, these kitties want topical moisturizers and sunblock to maintain them secure and wholesome. 


Exterior parasites like mites, lice, and fleas could cause irritation that ends in a diseased hair follicle, resulting in hair loss. Itchy cats are more likely to scratch, lick, or chew themselves, resulting in barbered hairs or hair loss altogether. 

Meals allergic reactions

Cats can develop meals allergic reactions and environmental or seasonal allergic reactions, contributing to itchiness, hair loss, and secondary bacterial infections. 

Eosinophilic granuloma complicated is a situation that causes crimson, irritated and itchy pores and skin lesions. These can happen within the mouth and elsewhere on the physique, particularly the chin or decrease stomach. Hair loss could be very doubtless when the pores and skin is concerned. Whereas the precise trigger is unknown, it’s considered triggered by environmental allergic reactions or meals allergic reactions. 

Pores and skin Issues

Sure pores and skin problems are contagious to different pets and to folks. Ringworm is a kind of fungal an infection that may trigger spherical hairless pores and skin lesions. Sure pores and skin mites like scabies are additionally zoonotic, which means they are often shared with others. Each ringworm and scabies could cause small, localized hair loss or could cause generalized, widespread hair loss over your entire physique.

cat skin problems

Exterior Accidents 

Hair loss can happen with non-itchy pores and skin situations. Exterior accidents like cuts and bites may end up in localized lack of fur. 

Anxiousness and stress 

When cats are anxious or careworn, they will excessively lick or chew themselves and trigger hair loss. This is called psychogenic alopecia. 

street cat

Endocrine problems

Cats can be affected by endocrine problems like Cushing’s illness, which is uncommon in comparison with how regularly it happens in canine. Cushing’s could cause signs like skinny pores and skin and hair loss. Pores and skin fragility and hair loss also can point out most cancers in some circumstances.

How is cat hair loss recognized? 

When you discover that your cat is dropping hair, it is very important get them checked out by a veterinarian. Primarily based in your kitty’s medical indicators and historical past, your vet may discuss to you about primary pores and skin testing like a pores and skin impression or a pores and skin scrape. 

Pores and skin scrape 

These are exams that search for micro organism, yeast, and mites. Fungal tradition testing includes gathering a hair pattern with a purpose to see if ringworm is current. Fleas can go away proof of their presence in your cat’s fur, and hair loss is most typical over the decrease again area. 

Blood & urine testing

Blood and urine testing are an essential a part of a basic work up for cats with endocrine problems. Generally, particular testing like pores and skin tradition or biopsy are essential to rule out autoimmune issues, eosinophilic granuloma complicated, and cussed micro organism which are immune to sure antibiotics. 

Pores and skin biopsy 

Pores and skin biopsies also can rule out extra critical issues like pores and skin most cancers. If allergic reactions are suspected, intradermal pores and skin testing will help discover which allergens are answerable for your cat’s allergic reactions.

How can I deal with my cat’s hair loss? 

Remedy for hair loss ought to all the time be based mostly on the prognosis. The common basic training vet could make suggestions based mostly on a working prognosis. 

Itchy kitties might reply to antihistamine or steroid remedy, both topically or systemically. Antibiotics are prescribed for secondary infections

Some cats might profit from a shower or a dip in a particular product. Lime dip, for instance, will help with quite a lot of situations like mites and ringworm. That is secure for very younger sufferers who can’t take different medicines, and it’s comparatively cheap. The one draw back is that lime dip could be very smelly and tends to stain every little thing yellow! 

Allergic cats might present enchancment with a meals elimination trial. This includes switching from one weight-reduction plan to a different one. The brand new weight-reduction plan ought to include both a novel protein or a hydrolyzed protein. Cats with environmental allergic reactions can profit from immunotherapy, which is the manufacturing of a vaccination based mostly on that specific cat’s allergic reactions. It’s meant to assist decrease the depth of how the immune system responds to allergens. If this doesn’t assist, some cats might require immunosuppressive remedy. 

There are various totally different causes for hair loss in cats

All hair loss needs to be addressed as quickly as potential as a result of it may point out an issue with the cat’s pores and skin. Pores and skin is a pure barrier towards micro organism, allergens, and parasites. When it isn’t functioning in all probability, extreme pores and skin infections can happen. Early intervention results in sooner outcomes and happier felines! 

Keep in mind that hair loss can take a number of months to enhance in some circumstances. Gentle pores and skin infections and minor wounds can resolve rapidly, however deep infections or hair loss attributable to continual pores and skin points can take a very long time to enhance, particularly if it takes some time for long-acting medicines to work.