Does Cat Litter Expire, And Which Varieties Hold The Longest?

Does Cat Litter Expire, And Which Varieties Hold The Longest?

My household received our first cat after I was 10 years previous. With out wishing to confess precisely how previous I’m now, suffice it to say that kitty litter has modified loads since then. Clumping clay litters have improved to the purpose that litter containers not must be completely emptied each day to regulate odors. And new eco-friendly merchandise are being comprised of issues like recycled paper, crushed walnut shells, and even the by-products of tofu manufacturing! There are additionally a wide range of explanation why somebody may find yourself with extra litter than they’ll truly use within the close to future. However does cat litter expire? Most litters gained’t, particularly if they’re unopened. However they’ll deteriorate or turn out to be unusable over time, relying on what they’re comprised of, how they’re packaged, and the place they’re saved.


Does cat litter expire?

Most unopened kitty litters will final just about without end supplied they’re saved appropriately. That is very true of inorganic litters, corresponding to these fabricated from clay and silica. However it could take a really very long time to see modifications in different litters as effectively. It’s because cat litter has no moisture in it. Ready for a paper kitty litter to run out is like ready for a guide to run out. It’d change very barely after a few years have handed, however it can stay usable.

This implies when you’re tempted to bulk purchase months and even years’ price of litter in a single go, and you’ve got an acceptable place to retailer it, there’s no actual purpose why you shouldn’t. Or, in case your cat passes away, and also you’re unsure whether or not to maintain maintain of some left over litter till you’re able to decide about getting one other pet, then relaxation assured that you may. In a second I’ve received some useful ideas for storing kitty litter so the standard doesn’t change. However first, let’s handle a few of the methods litter may change over time while nonetheless remaining useable, and a few modifications which may make it unusable.

Adjustments in odor

Should you purchase a scented kitty litter, the litter itself will keep mainly the identical and proceed to work for months and even years. However the fragrance added to it by the producer may change or disappear. It’s because the litter itself is chemically inert, that means it doesn’t readily react with something or change. However the fragrance is by its nature very risky. Unstable substances are unstable and evaporate simply. It’s how they find yourself in our nostril so we will odor them, however it additionally means they’ve a restricted shelf life, they usually expire. Often although, scented litters which have misplaced their scent over time are nonetheless positive to make use of.

When moisture will get into unused litter

The primary enemy of unused cat litter is moisture. By definition, kitty litters are designed to soak up moisture. Clumping clay litters are so good at it that they may take in water vapor from the air, even in reasonable humidity. When litter is saved in hermetic packaging, corresponding to a sealed plastic bag, field or bottle, this isn’t a lot of an issue.

does cat litter expire

However in a drive to be extra eco acutely aware, litters are more and more packaged in paper baggage or cardboard containers. Over time, the contents can regularly take in moisture from the atmosphere. Particularly if they’re stored someplace with excessive humidity (like a toilet closet). Or someplace which will get very chilly (like a storage). Then once you come to open it, the contents is a barely swollen, stable block. If it was manufactured from natural supplies like paper, wooden, or tofu, it may additionally develop mould or mildew. Litters which have already clumped up as a consequence of moisture shouldn’t be used. Nor ought to ones displaying indicators of mould or mildew.

Which kitty litter has the longest shelf life?

The listing of issues cat litters are comprised of nowadays is really exceptional:

  • Clumping clay (benzonite)
  • Non-clumping clay
  • Silica
  • Walnut shells
  • Soybean husks (the fabric in so-called ‘tofu’ litters)
  • Pine
  • Paper
  • Wheat
  • Hay
  • Corn
  • Espresso grounds
  • Seaweed

The shelf lifetime of any of those merchandise, in unopened packaging, is just about indefinite. Nevertheless, if the packaging does state an expiration date, then it’s clever to heed it. So eliminate any remaining litter after that time. As soon as they’ve been opened, all litters will proceed to final months and even years if they’re tightly resealed, and saved in a cool dry place that will get neither extremely popular, nor very chilly.

Underneath optimum storage situations, all kinds of litter have extraordinarily lengthy shelf lives. However, litters comprised of supplies that have been initially residing, corresponding to soybean husks, paper, hay and corn, usually tend to change in non-ideal situations than mineral litters. So that you’ll in all probability discover that clay and silica litters last more for you when you are usually careless about resealing the packaging, or you may’t keep away from storing it in a chilly storage.

The right way to retailer cat litter so it lasts

Most kinds of litter will final months or years when saved accurately, so when you’ve landed a discount in CostCo, right here’s easy methods to defend your stash:

  • Retailer cat litter in a cool however not chilly, dry place.
  • Hold the packaging sealed till you want the contents.
  • If the packaging isn’t hermetic (for instance a paper bag or cardboard field), maintain it in a lidded plastic storage bin.

And that’s it! It’s kitty litter, not a Fabergé egg.

When to throw away unused kitty litter

It’s uncommon for unused cat litter to run out, but when both of the next happenit’s safer to throw it away than use it:

  • It begins to look or odor moldy.
  • There may be any signal that it has gotten moist (stains on the packaging, or clumps of litter within the field).

Litter which has mould or mildew in it may make your cat sick.

How lengthy can you allow litter within the litter field?

Litter in its packaging won’t expire, however litter within the litter field most positively does! Not essentially within the sense that it ‘goes off’ or stops working. However within the sense that after a number of makes use of, it gained’t really feel like a snug place in your feline pal to make use of the bathroom anymore. Offering appropriate locations for them to pee and poop isn’t only a courtesy, it’s integral to assembly their wants and giving them dignity as captive animals. What’s extra, failing to changed used litter incessantly sufficient will increase the chance of downside behaviors, like soiling outdoors the litter field.

So, take away moist and soiled litter on a regular basis, and completely replace the litter once a week, no less than. Whereas the field is empty, clear it with heat soapy water, however keep away from cleansing merchandise that include ammonia, like bleach. Be sure the field is totally dry earlier than you refill it, and if any nasty odors begin to linger within the plastic, change the field fully.

Does Cat Litter Expire – Abstract

Most kitty litters don’t include an expiration date. They are going to final roughly indefinitely supplied they’re saved accurately. In the event that they litter you’ve gotten does have an expiration date on the packaging, then don’t use it after that time. In any other case, you may maintain it till you want it – even when that’s months or years sooner or later! However, eliminate any litter which seems to be prefer it has been uncovered to moisture, or begun to deteriorate.

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