Cat Litter Disposal – Is Cat Litter Flushable?

Cat Litter Disposal – Is Cat Litter Flushable?

What’s the correct methodology of cat litter disposal? In case your cat shouldn’t be litter skilled, the reply is easy – clear up the poop with tissue paper and flush it, mop up the pee with extra tissue paper and flush it. However what do you do after your cat does its enterprise within the litter field? Can you continue to eliminate it the identical approach – is the cat litter flushable?

That relies on whether or not it’s pee or feces, and what kind of cat litter you might be utilizing. In the event you use sand on your cat’s litter field, you shouldn’t flush it. Although not a lot sand will stick with the cat poop, your rest room will choke up in the long term. The identical goes for the opposite two essential sorts of litter: clay cat litter and clumping cat litter. The plumber’s invoice to unclog your pipes will bankrupt you.

In the event you use crystal litter, which is fabricated from silica gel, your job of cat litter disposal is barely simpler. Crystal cat litter absorbs cat urine into itself with out clumping, so it’s flushable in small quantities. Not a lot sticks to the cat poop both, so you can even flush that down the bathroom. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless not adviseable to do that often in the long term.

As for biodegradable cat litter, that relies upon. A few of them are fabricated from slightly giant pellets which could additionally choke up your plumbing. Others are fabricated from wooden, or sawdust and would possibly undergo with none issues. Nonetheless, if in case you have a septic tank, understand that these materials don’t essentially degrade instantly. We might be speaking about years – which might trigger your septic tank to turn into slightly full. In some way, the considered used litter and cat poop popping out of my backed up drains leaves me with a chilly sweat.

Some producers have began to make flushable cat litter, within the face of requires extra comfort. Naturally, these flushable cat litter prices extra. To make cat litter flushable, they use varied biodegradable supplies that are supposed to soundly undergo your plumbing. These newer sorts of cat litter is not going to flip right into a sludge which might choke up your sewage pipes – in principle. Some plumbers beg to vary. In the middle of their enterprise, they’ve gone to properties the place the sewage pipes and plumbing have been choked up by flushable cat litter. Or so the embarrassed and distressed home occupant stated. Who’s mendacity, right here? I have no idea, however it’s most likely not adviseable to flush giant quantities of litter down the bathroom.

It’s nonetheless higher to get rid of the majority of your cat’s litter the outdated approach – both bagged up along with the remainder of your trash or fastidiously buried someplace within the backyard. Within the backyard, your cat’s urine and feces would make a great fertilizer on your grass and flowers. Cat urine and feces can comprise harmful micro organism, so you shouldn’t use it to fertilize greens and fruit timber.

I need to admit {that a} true flushable cat litter can be awfully handy when it’s snowing or raining closely. It could actually simplify cat litter disposal.