Abyssinian Cat Names – 115 Stunning Concepts

Abyssinian Cat Names – 115 Stunning Concepts

Abyssinian cats are lovely, full of life and playful household pets. Welcoming a brand new cat into your loved ones is an thrilling expertise, whether or not it’s your first ever pet, or whether or not you’ve executed it a number of occasions earlier than! Selecting a reputation that you simply love is the easiest way to make your new kitten really feel like a part of your loved ones right away.


You’ll wish to decide one thing that you simply love on your cat’s total life, however you may additionally need one thing particular, or one thing that displays your cat’s character and appears, to ensure it fits your cat completely.

Naming your Abyssinian cat

Most individuals desire a comparatively uncommon identify for his or her cat – one thing totally different to different cats you understand, and maybe one thing that fits your pet specifically. To discover a identify that fits your cat from kittenhood, you possibly can take a look at the character traits of the Abyssinian cat breed typically.

Your kitten is more likely to develop as much as have these traits, so a reputation that displays them can be good. Abyssinians are very energetic, playful cats, so a reputation that emphasises an lively, blissful character can be good. Names on your Abyssinian cat is also primarily based on their appears to be like, or origins!

abyssinian cat names

Energetic names for Abyssinian cats

The principle attribute present in Abyssinian cats is their limitless vitality. They love enjoying, and spend most of their time occupied with actions. Names that describe your pet’s character are sometimes a superb match for both gender. Listed below are some unisex names that exhibit the playful, hyper nature of your new Abyssinian cat!

  • Beans
  • Rocket
  • Scrappy
  • Bandit
  • Tango
  • Skippy
  • Bubbles
  • Mischief
  • Flash
  • Sprint
  • Twitch
  • Mambo
  • Rogue
  • Pogo
  • Wriggles
  • Buzz
  • Chaos
  • Chaser
  • Lightning
  • Dancer
abyssinian cat names

Cute Abyssinian cat names

While descriptive names are an awesome alternative on your new cat, some folks choose names which are a little bit extra gender particular. Utilizing ‘human’ names for our pets is one other good option to discover the right identify for the brand new addition to your loved ones.

There are literally thousands of human names to contemplate, however there are some things we will do to slender the search down. You may wish to select a reputation that isn’t linked to somebody you already know – in case your cat all of the sudden has the identical identify as a detailed member of the family, issues can get difficult while you’re making an attempt to get their consideration!

Male Abyssinian cat names

Listed below are some male Abyssinian cat names with meanings that mirror the traits of your new pal!

  • Ethan (sturdy)
  • Aiden (fiery)
  • Duke (chief)
  • Tait (cheerful)
  • Beau (good-looking)
  • Cedric (variety and cherished)
  • Maximillian (the best)
  • Dillon (Loyal)
  • Darwin (expensive pal)
  • Rami (loving)
  • Blythe (merry)
  • Amory (courageous)
  • Irvin (pal)
  • Truman (loyal)
  • Hugh (clever)
  • Reece (fiery)
  • Windell (traveller, wanderer)
  • Asher (blissful)
  • Gale (cheerful)
  • Eamon (guardian)

Feminine Abyssinian cat names

Now we’ve seemed on the male names, let’s think about some lady’s names on your Abyssinian cat which have comparable meanings!

  • Matilda (sturdy)
  • Amber (fierce)
  • Ernestine (critical, decided)
  • Sophia (smart)
  • Gwyneth (blissful)
  • Hani (joyful)
  • Bernadette (courageous)
  • Aliza (cheerful)
  • Dakota (pleasant)
  • Lilo (beneficiant)
  • Bonnie (cheerful, lovely)
  • Joyce (joyful)
  • Annabelle (loving)
  • Sacha (protector)
  • Bridget (power)
  • Adelaide (noble)
  • Emily (keen)
  • Sadie (princess)
  • Wilma (resolute protector)
  • Beth (full of life)

Celeb Inspiration

Human names with sturdy meanings are an awesome alternative for Abyssinian cats, however we will additionally get inspiration from standard tradition. There are a great deal of characters in standard movies, books and TV reveals that present qualities like these in Abyssinian cats. Characters which are sturdy, playful, clever or curious are an awesome supply of inspiration for a reputation.

  • Loki
  • Chewbacca
  • Simba
  • Tarzan
  • Katniss
  • Bugs
  • Tigger
  • Sew
  • Sonic
  • Sherlock
  • Hermione
  • Buffy
  • Hobbes
  • Jerry
  • Paddington

South East Asian names for Abyssinian cats

One other attention-grabbing manner to decide on a reputation on your cat is to look into the breed’s historical past. Nobody is aware of precisely how or when the Abyssinian breed was based, however by sequencing their DNA scientists have found that their ancestors included some of the earliest domestic cat breeds from Europe and South East Asia.

This implies you may wish to select a reputation from Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia on your cat.

  • Ai (Vietnamese, beloved or cherished)
  • Asnee (Thai, lightning)
  • Boupha (Cambodian, flower-like)
  • Cam (Vietnamese, candy)
  • Chai (Thai, full of life and crammed with pleasure)
  • Chau (Vietnamese, pearl or one thing valuable)
  • Du (Vietnamese, to play)
  • Khang (Vietnamese, sturdy or wholesome)
  • Kla (Thai, courageous and daring)
  • Kittibun (Thai, well-known fortune)
  • Lap (Vietnamese, unbiased or independent)
  • Lawan (Thai, lovely)
  • Man (Vietnamese, eager or fast minded)
  • Munny (Cambodian, smart or clever)
  • Pin (Vietnamese, loyal or trustworthy)
  • Sirikit (Thai, possessing the qualities of a queen)
  • Sud (Thia, tiger)
  • Tevy (Cambodian, angel)
  • Tan (Vietnamese, new)
  • Vui (S. E. Asia, joyful and merry)

Egyptian names for Abyssinian cats

As a result of the origins of Abyssinian cats have been so unsure, some folks beforehand recommended the breed might have come from Egypt, resulting from their similarity to cats in historic Egyptian artwork. So it may additionally be attention-grabbing to search out some Egyptian names that will fit your new Abyssinian cat.

  • Asim (protector)
  • Adio (righteous)
  • Bomani (warrior)
  • Chike (proficient)
  • Dakarai (blissful)
  • Femi (love)
  • Gahiji (hunter)
  • Gyasi (great)
  • Habibah (cherished)
  • Hasani (good-looking)
  • Jabari (courageous)
  • Jahi (dignified)
  • Kamilah (perfection)
  • Masud (fortunate)
  • Naeem (benevolent)
  • Olabisi (brings pleasure)
  • Rashidi (smart)
  • Sanura (kitten)
  • Tau (lion)
  • Umi (life)
  • Zuberi (sturdy)

115 top Abyssinian cat names - Great names for your cat.